Milva prides herself on quality and providing 'everyday' women with the chance to wear something of amazing style, comfort and the perfect ensemble made uniquely for them!

Similar to haute couture or limited edition Milva's Signature Styles are all exclusive to the individual wearer as no style/fabric combination is every the same priding it on being made from quality and intuitive style. Having a handcrafted, custom made MCD outfit enables you to have a stylish, quality piece that allows you to be well dressed and accentuates your individual features.  

Milva Carucci Designs Signature Styles are something that encapsulates over 30 years dressmaking experience of creating for numerous women with varying body shapes. Milva has curated a collection of signature styles and concepts that represent the essence of what Milva Carucci Designs really translate - classic, flattering though memorable. 

On this basis, she brings something quite unique to the wearer though still emphasises the fundamentals of ensuring the perfect custom fit is created with both ready to wear collections and custom made orders.

“Always the perfect fit, constructed with elegance and class so you can step out with
absolute confidence in your personalized tailored outfit.”

- Rayleen