Milva loves bringing to life a gorgeous custom made and one-off outfit for her clients, though it is often expressed to her how difficult it is to put together a complete look. What accessories to choose, how to make the outfit look different, what is the right hat shape?

We are excited to be joining collaborative and stylish forces with Kerrie Carucci who is a Brisbane based stylist who services clients all over the country and internationally through virtual styling services!

Kerrie wearing a custom Milva Carucci Designs dress.

Kerrie wearing a custom Milva Carucci Designs dress.


Growing up in Far North Queensland, Kerrie understood first hand how to be resourceful with creating her own unique style!

With a true love for fashion, style and especially racing fashion, Kerrie has had great success both on and off the track.

Kerrie believes that every single person deserves to feel and look the best version of themselves. With this mantra, she empowers her clients with the tools they require to feel clarity and confidence in their state of presence every single day.

Through her learnings from completing a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling at the Australian Style Institute, Kerrie has developed the skills to empower her clients through their own personal style.

Kerrie's styling strategy and understanding of human behaviour not only allow her clients to get the most out of their styling sessions, but to experience a positive personal transformation as well.

Book your introductory virtual Personal Styling session exclusively

with any purchase of MCD outfit

  • Enjoy a personalised 15 Minute Style Consultation via FaceTime or Skype with personal stylist and racing fashionista, Kerrie Carucci

  • Together Kerrie will advise you on what elements will create a balanced and stylish to accentuate your true personal style.

  • You will receive a guided Style Board with accessory options to allow you create an incredible and personalised look with varied options for your MCD outfit to create variability and ultimately fantastic cost per wear!



Kerrie Carucci Personal Stylist