our Story

Milva Carucci is the owner and designer of Milva Carucci Designs who has a passion for creating, dressmaking and helping women feel incredible.

Starting several years ago in very humble beginnings, she started to dabble in bringing her lifelong passion to life by helping people with alterations and small dressmaking jobs. This love for sewing and dressmaking started at a very young age and together with her sisters through her teenage years she would come up with concepts and fabric combinations to create an individual outfit to wear to events and special occasions!

Over the past 7 years, her business has grown significantly and has expanded to creating  handcrafted,custom made, one-off designs for women across Australia and New Zealand. Based in the picturesque country town of Mareeba located 80km west of Cairns, Milva's home-based studio encapsulates the purest daily inspiration of natural serenity  and the perfect setting to sketch ideas and collections over 'the Italian currency' of an espresso.

She believes that every woman deserves to feel incredible in the perfect, one-off outfit created uniquely for them. 

As she too has experienced in the past, the pure frustration and inconvenience of not finding something that fitted her body shape, her personal style or something that was readily available for a special occasion. 

From the early stages of concept through to the finished garment, each piece represents the essence 'heart to hand' movement which is something Milva holds quite highly with her brand ethos, along with sustainability in fashion. The emphasis on 'heart to hand' also challenges her clients to think more about the custom fit of the beautiful garment that is created for them individually rather than consideration to the 'number on the tag'. With over 30 years experience, Milva has curated a collection of signature styles and concepts that represent the essence of what Milva Carucci Designs really translate - classic, flattering though memorable.