3.5 seconds….. That's all you have!!

Do you often scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Vogue or other magazines wishing and wondering how all of these celebrities could possibly look just flawless and 'well put together' all the time?


There is a common trend between them all. Looking good or well-dressed comprises of a couple different factors and it probably isn't what you assume to be the most obvious.
Yes, most of these celebrities or famous people have a common factor of being in a 'higher disposable income bracket', though by having someone who can guide you in the right direction is going to make a world of difference.

Human psychology studies have found that we have a mere 3.5 seconds to make a first impression! Can you believe that!?  1 elephant, 2 elephant 3 elephant. Bam!

So think about the next time you walk into a boardroom, job interview, first date or even into your future in-laws for the first time that's all you have!! Ok, so now that I've slapped you quite quickly around the cheeks let me tell you about how you too can come off looking and feeling like the best version of yourself and kill it at in that 3.5 secs of life changing moments !!

When choosing a custom Milva Carucci Design you're not only supporting a business, someone's passion, dreams and amazing skill set to create a fabulous outfit that you can hang in your wardrobe for years to come though you can confidently know that you will be investing in a quality and stylish piece perfect just for you!


Marissa and her bridal party looking amazing on her special day!   Photo courtesy Katie Jane Photography

Marissa and her bridal party looking amazing on her special day! 

Photo courtesy Katie Jane Photography

At Treasury Casino Ladies Oaks Day at Eagle Farm, Brisbane 

At Treasury Casino Ladies Oaks Day at Eagle Farm, Brisbane 

Having an outside opinion and industry knowledge will be the dividing factor between looking 'dressed' to being 'well dressed' and put together.  A conversation between you and your dressmaker will be about what is going to suit your body shape, emphasise your best assets, reflecting your own personal style and also ensuring the right fabric is chosen for the occasion though also ease of care being kept in mind.

Putting together a wardrobe that has a few staple quality pieces or investing in a piece for a special event is what is going to give you the overall 'flawless' look that you are replicating! This by no means imply's that you need to spend a fortune though being smart about your purchases can be the differentiating factor!

So here are my key tips for the perfect custom outfit! 

  • Contact Milva with at least 6 - 8 weeks before the desirable date. This will allow enough time for you to set up an initial consultation (either in person, via Facetime or by PM) have a good chat about what you are after
  • This is also a good time to pass on any images/ style inspiration that you have collected. This will give her a good sense of what you like and an idea to achieve the perfect result for you
  • If you are a long distance client, sometimes images of yourself in an outfit that you love or a style that you deem suitable to accentuate your best assets will also assist in fine tuning your final design
  • Next is deciding on the fabric. The quality of the fabric and suitability is EVERYTHING when it comes to custom pieces! From standout to everyday usability it is extremely important to achieve the desired look by your fabric. Let's be honest, you're not going to wear a gorgeous Italian silk dress to a steamy, outback wedding reception in the middle of December! 
  • FIT - this is the 'celebrity factor' that truly encompasses the well dressed aura that you will give off when entering the room. Having your piece hug in all of the right places though not appearing to have been 'poured into' is what makes an outstanding outfit! 


'The woman should wear the dress, not the dress wear her! '

When ordering your piece this is where it is IMPERATIVE that your exact measurements are reflected as they are, this will ensure you wear the perfect fit! Having a piece made specifically for you will give you the confidence to take on the world!!

This also applies for getting existing wardrobe pieces altered to fit you properly. This is where the savvy factor of creating your 'gob smacking 3.5 second entrance' comes into play. Having well tailored pieces, correct length or that dress nip/tucked in the right place to give you your waist back is essential. Though following your investment pieces/ special occasion outfit, you can add volume to the necessary pieces of your wardrobe with additional budget pieces. You can have these 'fashion fast or trending' pieces altered and will add to your look and provide variety to your seasonal wardrobe. 


So whether you're male or female, make those first 3.5 seconds count!! Seek the advice of someone who has your best interests at heart and the industry knowledge to allow it to happen!