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A month on and ironically South East Queensland is suffering from the exact extreme scorching heatwave conditions as we had at the Gold Coast Magic Million Races on January 14th!
East coast Australian's have almost become accustomed to shedding liters of 'sparkliness' on the daily for what feels like one of the longest, hottest summer's to date! 

For those who haven't attended the Gold Coast delight of the annual Magic Mllions Races, it is a week of filled with festivities celebrating the burst of colour, fashion fun and one of the richest races in Australia! I'm sure those who did attend, enjoyed all that this Myer Fashions on the Field Queensland State Final event and all that it encompasses for a great day at the track even in the 38 degree plus heat!

Crazy! Yes some would say! Those type of conditions can only be reasoned with by spending the day in a pool, quick trip to Antarctica or simple 18 degree air con and Netflix. Though for the keen racing fashion fashionista's and punters the glistening brows were simple taken in everyone's stiletto stride!

Being the Queensland State final for Myer FOTF and a chance to take out the major title to represent our amazing home state at the Melbourne Cup Carnvial, this reign isn't taken lightly nor is the $30,000 worth of prizes! Outfits are planned months in advance and the bar is being raised every year by the standard of eye catching show stopping outfits! 


My outfit was inspired by an Italian 'La Dolce Vita' feel encapsulating colour, print clashes and boldness. Knowing fair well what the Gold Coast reputation of racing fashion is like, I preceded to scour the internet, fabric stores until finally I came across the amazing off-shore replica Dolce and Gabbana fabric. I actually fell in love! It was bold, had an amazing colour palette and also perfect weight for the style I had in mind!  

A multitude of sketches later, Mum and I had confirmed a style. The fun/difficult part was just about to begin! Being an unusual panelled piece of fabric with varying widths of pattern, Mum worked her magic to create the perfectly matched up, print clash to create a streamlined, eye catching piece. Opting for an open neckline to allow space between the colour blocks and a flounce feature of the skirt complete with contrasting varied geometric prints to break the dominate floral.

The Headpiece

Having such a talented milliner and friend in your life means ALOT! I'm sure all of Sophie's clients would agree that she just 'gets you' and understands what you are trying to achieve.
After seeing the fabric and sketches we worked on tying the look all together. Opting for a new shape of an Italian vibe halo, in words of Sophie 'it reminded her of the stained glass artwork in the Italian churches' and I couldn't' agree more!
This was such an easy piece to wear, comfortable and light while having some impact. The colour and combination of roses with geometric

The accessories

With such an abundance of prominent colour throughout the fabric, I decided to try and keep the accessories as simple as possible though to playfully add texture. This was through a gorgeous pair of tassel earrings and also a pair of orange fringed tie up heels. A simple red clutch, minimal jewellery and the outfit was complete!




Print clash fun in a sneak peak flatlay 

Print clash fun in a sneak peak flatlay 

The outfit in it's entirety! Would have to be my favourite to date! 

Image - Wendell Levi Teodoro

Sophie & I - both wearing custom made Milva Carucci Design outfits and Allport Millinery   Image - Allport Millinery 

Sophie & I - both wearing custom made Milva Carucci Design outfits and Allport Millinery 

Image - Allport Millinery 

Sophie looking an absolute print clash vision in her custom Milva Carucci Designs outfit and pushing the boundaries in her gorgeous Kisses headpiece!   Image - Allport Milinery 

Sophie looking an absolute print clash vision in her custom Milva Carucci Designs outfit and pushing the boundaries in her gorgeous Kisses headpiece! 

Image - Allport Milinery 

Off and racing 

Off and racing 

Ashley making Top 10 in the Men's Fashion. Wearing Myer brands Politx and Jeffery Banks Styled by me  Image - Allport Millienery 

Ashley making Top 10 in the Men's Fashion. Wearing Myer brands Politx and Jeffery Banks
Styled by me

Image - Allport Millienery 

The ladies! Nothing better then a fashion fun day at the track with gorgeous friends! Gorgeous Carly (right) made the Top 10 in her gorgeous outfit and own millinery piece!   image - Ross Stevenson

The ladies! Nothing better then a fashion fun day at the track with gorgeous friends! Gorgeous Carly (right) made the Top 10 in her gorgeous outfit and own millinery piece! 

image - Ross Stevenson

Despite the heat and no luck in fashons, it was a super fun day catching up with friends, having a punt and making the most of Queensland racing!

As we approach the change of season's there is still a couple of race days left. For those last minute outfits with just a couple of more weeks left of Summer  you can create a 'moment' when you step out in any of these gorgeous ready to wear range outfits. Having them custom fitted will allow you to look and feel amazing!  

For now the planning is underway for Autumn/Winter Carnivals! Watch this space for a trend report straight from the runway's of fashion week! 


Kerrie xx 


We came, we GIPHY'd, we sipped champagne & rode the Flemington Ferris Wheel

I'm sure most of you are feeling the 'festive season flutter' now the warmer months are truly are upon us here in Queensland, the days are getting longer and the social calendars are filling fast!

The delay for this wrap up is in light of the absolute perpetual fatigue following the epic lead up to the week, results of the truly amazing time we all had and the sultry weekend conditions on arrival back into HOT Brisbane! It's safe to say that say that Melbourne got us good! An absolutely fantastic week indulging in some amazing quality family time, a few too many Brunetti's treats, fabric sourcing, fashion and of course some amazing race day fun with friends! And for the record, anyone looking at going to the Spring Carnival next year, get yourself to THE PARK! Honestly one of the best set ups I've ever seen! Amazingly themed, areas, food stalls, numerous bars, entertainment was next level and the little touches like cute GIPHY booths and custom illustrations were aplenty! 


The new and improved 'The Park' where we hung out for the Spring Carnival

The new and improved 'The Park' where we hung out for the Spring Carnival

Treats were a plenty! Ohh Brunetti's 

Treats were a plenty! Ohh Brunetti's 

When we first booked flights and accommodation all the way back in May on what would be one of the BIGGEST bucket list items of mine, it seemed like it was soo far away with plenty of time to plan all things racing fashion! How mistaken was I! 

For those who are only new on the racing fashion scene or have watched from afar,  Melbourne is the PINNACLE of Australian Racing Fashion! Being the most prestigious event of the year, the race that literally stops the nation, naturally comes international beauties, show stopping millinery and some beyond amazingly styled outfits! Collating outfits for the 3 main race days is a fashionista's dream though also somewhat a stressful, STRESSFUL venture. It's not just about the bags, shoes, outfits, millinery, hairdressers appointments, getting in and out of cabs, ubers or public transport with handcrafted masterpieces on your head all the while ensuring you don't sink on the grass......

It's the months of planning, sketching, Sunday's spent fabric sourcing, stalking runways for inspiration, more sketches, a GIZZILON picture messages back and forth (think my running total with mum is around 5,000) hahah, building the 'looks' that you want to achieve. Now for the part that you don't truly consider when you are all 'warm & fuzzy' with your outfit choices, have shed blood, sweat and tears conjuring them up and are soooo emotionally invested in the certainty that you have nailed the perfection combination of current trends, palettes though of course with your own twist. 

You look amazing, feel amazing but then it happens..... 
(WARNING - Style and fashion is an art. Like any art it's always up for interpretation) 
The judging panel and their solitude racing fashion opinion on the day is simple:

• May not like pink
• May not be comfortable with textural clashing
• May not like the way you pose
• May be over seeing bell sleeves
• May not like crowns
• May be thinking about the delicious espresso martini's they will have later in the birdcage

You can see a bit of a trend here? So really throwing out a bit of a bold statement, though unless they are ex-national finalists of previous fashions on the field, winners, racing fashion influencer's or milliner's within the industry then there is subsequent amount of variables. When you're literally wearing a little bit of your heart on 'your sleeve' it can be a bit of a blow to your fashionista ego not even make it through to the next round. Something to be mindful of and THE most important thing to remember is that it's just one person's opinion. Though I'm sure any contestant will agree, it's a dam good feeling having your number called out and better yet to be SASHED! 

To the outfits

Milva Carucci Designs was represented not only for the first time on custom pieces worn by myself though also mum and a few stunning clients! For mum that was a fantastic achievement in itself to have her workmanship in amongst the best! 


The first official day of Spring Carnival renowned for black and white and classic styles! Well Melbourne certainly delivered! An amazing, blue sky day, pleasurable temperature and being a Saturday it certainly brings Melbourne-ites out of hiding! 

My Derby Day outfit started with some gorgeous textural brocade patent look fabric sourced a few months ago from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. Wanting something classic with clean, structured lines, mum and I decided to use a similar style from what I wore earlier in the year.

The ever amazing and talented Sophie of Allport Millinery worked her magic to create the perfect complementary piece! Deciding to go with the large off white texture sinamay disc allowed the outfit to have a little mystery though also a suttle statement. Shoes by Divaolina provided the clean lines and patent feel to be continued and additionally a hexagon shaped Olga Berg Clutch.  

Mum's dress was a gorgeous fluted collar and bell sleeve combination in an offwhite and black contrast Josh Goot fabric also sourced from The Fabric Store. A custom piece by Liana of Sonlia Fashion added texture and femininity to the outfit. 

I didn't have any luck in making it through the heats that day though we had a good day on the punt and enjoyed the hospitality and 'Park' vibes of Day 1!

Between the arches of The Park

Between the arches of The Park

Mum and I enjoying the first day of fashion and race day fun  Both wearing custom Milva Carucci Design dresses & Sonlia Millinery (L) and Allport Millinery (R) (Photo by Liana Hastie)

Mum and I enjoying the first day of fashion and race day fun

Both wearing custom Milva Carucci Design dresses & Sonlia Millinery (L) and Allport Millinery (R)
(Photo by Liana Hastie)



The race that stops the nation! Though also brings some amazing, unusual and showstopping pieces to the track! There were giant feather mohawks, bright colour palettes and some colourful characters on display. Some even took the chance to strip down to their bright budgy smugglers to make the most of Melbourne's sunshine! 

The idea behind this impart was just all about the focal point of the fabric. This was sourced a few years ago again from The Fabric store in Brisbane. A gorgeous textured polyester fabric that had the sweetest blue bird print. With blue being a large trend this year, I thought it would be only fitting to keep the style simple to let the fabric really sing and then pick up the subtle blue in the fabric in accessories and millinery. Another big trend this racing season has been the boater and seeing the work of Ann Shoebridge last year I decided to go with a custom lace brim boater. Accessories were simple with jewellery from Lovisa, shoes Tony Bianco and a Colette clutch.

Keeping with a bird theme, Mum's amazing outfit also had a statement print in a tonal blue palette also sourced from The Fabric Store. With a gorgeous simple style to allow the print do the talking, contrasted bell sleeves allowed a section of flow to her outfit. Again complemented by an eye catching millinery piece by Sonlia. 

As the nerves were a little less on being the second day, I was absolutely wrapped to have made it through to the Prelim finals. From there all competitors go back to the green room for a champagne and await the next round. From up to 80 girls it is cut to the Top 10! It was an amazing experience and somewhat achievement to make it through! Though the true highlight was spending the day enjoying the races, espresso martini's,dancing to Betty Who and Marcia Hines though having so many lovely people in the crowd compliment me on my outfit that day! That's what fashion really is about, loving your outfit, owning your styling and having a good time! 

Not only did I make it through to the prelims but so did another of mum's clients. The gorgeous, bubbly Leanne who's personality is a reflection of her amazing, bright and eye catching pink, purple and gold outfit! Was so lovely catching up with them! 

Cassandra also wearing a custom Milva Carucci Designs dress and her own millinery creation opted for a gorgeous purple and orange number that caught the attention of many photographers and spectators! 

Amanda wore a stunning emerald green fitted lace dress that had an amazing back detail! 

 Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 preset



Last day of the carnival is always the biggest! Unfortunately mum and dad had to fly out that morning so today was the last day to really enjoy Flemington! The State finals for Victoria with the winner going through to the National finals where the winner receives up to $300k in prizes including a new Lexus!!

My outfit was simple in style as once again the fabric did most of the talking. Taking inspiration from Self Portrait, Mum had sourced the fabric from spotlight and opting with a combination of off the shoulder and a gathered sleeve. Being the feminine themed day of the carnival, lace and pastels seemed too fitting. This was complemented by my stunning crown by Allport Millinery! The inspiration behind the outfit was simple, 'Some days you just need to wear a crown'. 

Keeping accessories to rose gold, the simplistic palette was feminine yet metallic. Shoes from Target and my trusty Olga berg clutch. Again I was so very excited to have made it into the prelim finals! So many amazing outfits! 

Following the announcement of the winner it was a swift trip back to the city to jump on a plane!! Which might I add we almost missed! Quite the adventure, running through Tullamarine airport juggling hat boxes, suitcases all the while still wearing the crown which for future reference WILL prove difficult when going through airport security! 

On reflection, I think my choices stood true to my style, body shape and personal 'looks'  I wanted to achieve,  though moving forward, Melbourne is in a bag of it's own! It's all about pushing boundaries within limits, being noticed though not focal, being structured though fluid and on trend without trending. You can see how easily it is to sit in that sash worthy position! *chuckle worthy*

Wrapping up, I can say that this has been a HUGE tick on my bucket list, some amazing quality time with my family and fashionista friends is what makes moments like these in our lives memorable! It's really not about the shoes, bags, fascinators or sashes, it's truly about the time and people for all facets of life that you surround yourself in these beautiful memories. 

Absolutely bursting with gratitude the last couple of months preparation and wanted to take a moment to truly thank those involved with bringing my visions to life. To the ever talented Sophie of Allport Milinery thank you for simply creating such amazing pieces! Ann Shoebridge my blue boater is certainly now a favorite in my collection, thank you for letting those little birds fly! 
But last but not least is my amazing and uber talented mum, words can't express how grateful and in oar I am of you and your amazing seamstress skills! I know I'm possibly your most difficult client though you never cease to amaze me! 


P.S. If you're still reading, thanks for clicking the link! Your support to myself though most importantly my amazing Mum's brand is truly appreciated! Between us both, there is more creative inspiration then the walls of Chanel! 

2017 is promised to be an exciting one with many plans on 'THE LIST". To stay up to date and in the know on sneak peaks, new fabrics and collections, make sure you subscribe and follow us on social media! Links are below. 


Kerrie xox

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From screenshots to the perfect wardrobe addition and all things SPRING! See how the latest trends can transpire into the perfect custom piece! 

Where has this year gone? Truly though it's pretty amazing that we are sitting at the last day of winter and spring is just a mere few hours away! This time of year is simple the perfect blossoming for weddings, celebrations, spring babies, not to mention some of Far North Queensland biggest race events of the year and of course the pinnacle of Spring Racing Carnival season that commences all over the country! 

So with the change of seasons and the social media feeds fastly streaming with the latest trends, we look to what is bringing creative flow to Milva Carucci Design pieces though also what trends client's are bringing as their collective of ideas and inspiration! 


One of the biggest take aways from European Spring/Summer runways and also what has inspired Australian designer's spring collections are a few key components











So with oh so many gorgeous pieces, silhouettes and fabric combinations it is no wonder that the creative minded simple are buzzing in a sea of ideas! inspiration strikes from so many different sources, a flower, the colour combination of the sky, a sunset, a particular theme, these all add value and essence to an idea. 

This inspiration is what brings idea's to life!


With technology being literally at our fingertips on the constant, we can now live-stream fashion shows from attendees of runways, 'to-the-minute' uploads of a new collection or even be exposed to pre-season behind the scenes footage!
It is simple no surprise that we have all ended up in a Instagram scrolling, Pinterest screen shooting society! Having so much inspiration around it is hard not to want the latest designer's outfit or runway trends, though you have no idea how you could ever realistically afford it? Well unless you won the lotto? 

Never fear! 

If you have a special event that you have in mind, by consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced dressmaker  they will be able to take your idea's and discuss options in a feasible way to bring these designs into a similar, perfectly fitted latest wardrobe addition.  

As a client, collecting fashion inspiration images, patterns, fabrics, colour palettes and themes can assist greatly in achieving the perfect look that you are wanting to achieve. By 'painting' this overall image it allows cohesiveness for the finished outfit. Through this collection a talented dressmaker can get a good understanding about certain silhouettes that you like or fabric combinations that you're leaning towards. Adding their industry experience and expertise, fabrics can be adjusted, silhouettes can be incorporated and simple tailored or adjusted to accentuate your body shape. 


Below is a fantastic winning example of a gorgeous Milva Carucci Design's client! Lucy had a few inspiration images and an overall theme that she wanted to achieve for her fashions on the field entry. Taking inspiration from those images though also using the right fabrics allowed the execution of this design to be sash worthy! 




Gorgeous client Lucy wearing her custom Milva Carucci Designs dress  Winner of Contemporary Under 30 and best Millinery at Innisfail Banana Races 

Gorgeous client Lucy wearing her custom Milva Carucci Designs dress

Winner of Contemporary Under 30 and best Millinery at Innisfail Banana Races 


With HQ simply buzzing with an array of custom orders and Melbourne Cup Spring Carnival preparation is in full swing, stay tuned for the latest sneak peaks off the cutting table!


Yours in fashion 

Kerrie xx 


All images via Pinterest

3.5 seconds….. That's all you have!!

LIFESTYLEKerrie CarucciComment
Do you often scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Vogue or other magazines wishing and wondering how all of these celebrities could possibly look just flawless and 'well put together' all the time?


There is a common trend between them all. Looking good or well-dressed comprises of a couple different factors and it probably isn't what you assume to be the most obvious.
Yes, most of these celebrities or famous people have a common factor of being in a 'higher disposable income bracket', though by having someone who can guide you in the right direction is going to make a world of difference.

Human psychology studies have found that we have a mere 3.5 seconds to make a first impression! Can you believe that!?  1 elephant, 2 elephant 3 elephant. Bam!

So think about the next time you walk into a boardroom, job interview, first date or even into your future in-laws for the first time that's all you have!! Ok, so now that I've slapped you quite quickly around the cheeks let me tell you about how you too can come off looking and feeling like the best version of yourself and kill it at in that 3.5 secs of life changing moments !!

When choosing a custom Milva Carucci Design you're not only supporting a business, someone's passion, dreams and amazing skill set to create a fabulous outfit that you can hang in your wardrobe for years to come though you can confidently know that you will be investing in a quality and stylish piece perfect just for you!


Marissa and her bridal party looking amazing on her special day!   Photo courtesy Katie Jane Photography

Marissa and her bridal party looking amazing on her special day! 

Photo courtesy Katie Jane Photography

At Treasury Casino Ladies Oaks Day at Eagle Farm, Brisbane 

At Treasury Casino Ladies Oaks Day at Eagle Farm, Brisbane 

Having an outside opinion and industry knowledge will be the dividing factor between looking 'dressed' to being 'well dressed' and put together.  A conversation between you and your dressmaker will be about what is going to suit your body shape, emphasise your best assets, reflecting your own personal style and also ensuring the right fabric is chosen for the occasion though also ease of care being kept in mind.

Putting together a wardrobe that has a few staple quality pieces or investing in a piece for a special event is what is going to give you the overall 'flawless' look that you are replicating! This by no means imply's that you need to spend a fortune though being smart about your purchases can be the differentiating factor!

So here are my key tips for the perfect custom outfit! 

  • Contact Milva with at least 6 - 8 weeks before the desirable date. This will allow enough time for you to set up an initial consultation (either in person, via Facetime or by PM) have a good chat about what you are after
  • This is also a good time to pass on any images/ style inspiration that you have collected. This will give her a good sense of what you like and an idea to achieve the perfect result for you
  • If you are a long distance client, sometimes images of yourself in an outfit that you love or a style that you deem suitable to accentuate your best assets will also assist in fine tuning your final design
  • Next is deciding on the fabric. The quality of the fabric and suitability is EVERYTHING when it comes to custom pieces! From standout to everyday usability it is extremely important to achieve the desired look by your fabric. Let's be honest, you're not going to wear a gorgeous Italian silk dress to a steamy, outback wedding reception in the middle of December! 
  • FIT - this is the 'celebrity factor' that truly encompasses the well dressed aura that you will give off when entering the room. Having your piece hug in all of the right places though not appearing to have been 'poured into' is what makes an outstanding outfit! 


'The woman should wear the dress, not the dress wear her! '

When ordering your piece this is where it is IMPERATIVE that your exact measurements are reflected as they are, this will ensure you wear the perfect fit! Having a piece made specifically for you will give you the confidence to take on the world!!

This also applies for getting existing wardrobe pieces altered to fit you properly. This is where the savvy factor of creating your 'gob smacking 3.5 second entrance' comes into play. Having well tailored pieces, correct length or that dress nip/tucked in the right place to give you your waist back is essential. Though following your investment pieces/ special occasion outfit, you can add volume to the necessary pieces of your wardrobe with additional budget pieces. You can have these 'fashion fast or trending' pieces altered and will add to your look and provide variety to your seasonal wardrobe. 


So whether you're male or female, make those first 3.5 seconds count!! Seek the advice of someone who has your best interests at heart and the industry knowledge to allow it to happen!