From screenshots to the perfect wardrobe addition and all things SPRING! See how the latest trends can transpire into the perfect custom piece! 

Where has this year gone? Truly though it's pretty amazing that we are sitting at the last day of winter and spring is just a mere few hours away! This time of year is simple the perfect blossoming for weddings, celebrations, spring babies, not to mention some of Far North Queensland biggest race events of the year and of course the pinnacle of Spring Racing Carnival season that commences all over the country! 

So with the change of seasons and the social media feeds fastly streaming with the latest trends, we look to what is bringing creative flow to Milva Carucci Design pieces though also what trends client's are bringing as their collective of ideas and inspiration! 


One of the biggest take aways from European Spring/Summer runways and also what has inspired Australian designer's spring collections are a few key components











So with oh so many gorgeous pieces, silhouettes and fabric combinations it is no wonder that the creative minded simple are buzzing in a sea of ideas! inspiration strikes from so many different sources, a flower, the colour combination of the sky, a sunset, a particular theme, these all add value and essence to an idea. 

This inspiration is what brings idea's to life!


With technology being literally at our fingertips on the constant, we can now live-stream fashion shows from attendees of runways, 'to-the-minute' uploads of a new collection or even be exposed to pre-season behind the scenes footage!
It is simple no surprise that we have all ended up in a Instagram scrolling, Pinterest screen shooting society! Having so much inspiration around it is hard not to want the latest designer's outfit or runway trends, though you have no idea how you could ever realistically afford it? Well unless you won the lotto? 

Never fear! 

If you have a special event that you have in mind, by consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced dressmaker  they will be able to take your idea's and discuss options in a feasible way to bring these designs into a similar, perfectly fitted latest wardrobe addition.  

As a client, collecting fashion inspiration images, patterns, fabrics, colour palettes and themes can assist greatly in achieving the perfect look that you are wanting to achieve. By 'painting' this overall image it allows cohesiveness for the finished outfit. Through this collection a talented dressmaker can get a good understanding about certain silhouettes that you like or fabric combinations that you're leaning towards. Adding their industry experience and expertise, fabrics can be adjusted, silhouettes can be incorporated and simple tailored or adjusted to accentuate your body shape. 


Below is a fantastic winning example of a gorgeous Milva Carucci Design's client! Lucy had a few inspiration images and an overall theme that she wanted to achieve for her fashions on the field entry. Taking inspiration from those images though also using the right fabrics allowed the execution of this design to be sash worthy! 




Gorgeous client Lucy wearing her custom Milva Carucci Designs dress  Winner of Contemporary Under 30 and best Millinery at Innisfail Banana Races 

Gorgeous client Lucy wearing her custom Milva Carucci Designs dress

Winner of Contemporary Under 30 and best Millinery at Innisfail Banana Races 


With HQ simply buzzing with an array of custom orders and Melbourne Cup Spring Carnival preparation is in full swing, stay tuned for the latest sneak peaks off the cutting table!


Yours in fashion 

Kerrie xx 


All images via Pinterest