By Kerrie Carucci
The Opulent Lifestyle Collective


Welcome and hello! It has in fact been quiet sometime between guest articles here on Milva Carucci Designs though I’m so excited and honoured to be back.


What has been some extremely busy times for both myself at The Opulent Lifestyle Collective and also my incredibly talented mum Milva, I would love to just stop and take a moment to recap as we move into the later part of 2018. 

Not only has there been many Fashions on the Field (FOTF) wins from some incredible client’s wearing their custom made, Milva Carucci Designs (MCD) outfits, it is more so about every single valued client being given the opportunity to express themselves and allowing their inner magic to shine through. Both mum and I have put into action an incredible service alliance that we are not only excited about though quite passionate in allowing our industry knowledge to make an even greater impact. 

‘Your Custom Style’ allows you to take part in a full style consultation service with myself, taking the findings of your personal style and completing your look with a custom made piece or pieces made by Milva to create the perfect individual particular occasion or simply building your wardrobe of incredible staples. 

Watch this space as we continue to develop and plan some incredible opportunities to allow all women the chance to truly be the best version of themselves. 


A few of the many incredible outfits that have been created over the past few months!



Now, before we jump right into business, you may be thinking what is implied by this mysterious title?  Well I must give you fair warning of how this blog will be taking shape and also divulge the intention behind it. 

As a fierce competitor of Fashions on the Field for many years, a woman, a devoted fashion addict and a personal stylist all these different roles all encapsulate varying components of experience, knowledge and of course personal opinion. 

This week following the recent announcement of the new format that Myer will adopt for the national finalist’s of the Fashions on the Field arena for this year’s Spring Carnival, changes the way that competitors will navigate through the monumental annual event. Traditionally FOTF has been undertaken primarily via a catwalk type format where a panel of judges would choose from heats into preliminary finals, top ten and then announcing the winner or top 3. We have seen a slight integration of the photo submission type format previously with Australian Turf Club Fashion Chute configuration held at Royal Randwick though not at a state level. As we move into this new format where a selection of 3 images will be used of each entrant for submission, I personally believe there is even greater requirement for transparency of your personal style and attention to detail!


I love this incredible quote by the famous stylist  Rachel Zoe, 

‘Style is a way of communicating without having to speak’

The clothes we wear and the combinations we choose daily, says a lot about how we communicate with ourselves, whether that’s directly in the mirror or subconsciously; though most importantly how we communicate with others.

What I have seen first hand with both my valued clients and myself is the internal transformation that occurs when they put on something that speaks from a place that is the ‘real’ them, fits and flatters in all the right places that creates beautiful lines and illustrates, like a piece of art, a secret message and delight that can only be translated by the sparkle that is deep in their eyes. 

Pretty incredible right? 

Maybe you haven’t’ thought about it in that particular way or perhaps that has never even crossed your mind? 

Though here comes the elephant in the room. 

Something I have seen and personally experienced along with I’m sure the majority of Fashions on the Field competitors. The hours of planning, perhaps making your own outfit, designing, sourcing, working out your own personal style, adapting that knowledge to fit the particular theme or season, to have an outfit you love and yet someone doesn’t see the same and ultimately your time on stage in the arena is over in the blink of an eye. In, around and straight out!

On the other side of the judges table or captured photographs (in this new space), it may not be as well received like you may have liked and that being the reality of the ‘Fashion is in the Eye of the Pen Holder’. 

Sheer disappointment and deflation can be felt and arguable this is the definition of it truly not just being all about the sash. What it is about is, being recognised as you for you and in the best version of being authentically you!


It’s completely natural to have the thoughts of…… 

How can this be so? 

We question if the judges have something against you personally? 

Do they just hate your outfit? 

Are they just not a fan of red? 

Did you not interpret the correct seasonal trend? 

Did they miss the memo of the judging guidelines of the day? Or perhaps they have no idea what they are really looking for? 


All of these are valid questions and expressions of concern which I’m sure I’m speaking to you, the valued reader and no doubt one of the majority who have competed or participate frequently in Fashions on the Field competitions. 

That somewhat magic that you were sure you created simply hasn’t translated over? Though let me explain a little more in depth as to why. 


Did you know that recent studies have shown that the human psyche takes less than 3.5 seconds to make a judgement of a circumstance or situation that is presented to it? Furthermore, as we navigate into a faster paced society filled with social media, scrolling on our devices and flashing billboard advertisements it is only going to decrease further! Therefore, presenting a greater emphasis now to ensure you, as an individual, allow yourself to be perceived the way you anticipate though also leave a lasting impression. 

That being said, a large indicating factor on how we as humans interact and interpret information. Fashion is a form of art so therefore is subjective to opinion though also the real reason behind varying opinions is something that runs at a cellular level. 

We process information with a little something called our 'Reticular Activating System'. This mechanism works in our brain and often referred to as a filter or a nightclub bouncer that works for your brain. It makes sure your brain doesn't have to deal with more information than it can handle. Thus, the reticular activating system plays a big role in the sensory information you perceive daily.

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to stripes? Or lusting over certain colours combinations? 

Possibly wondered when you’re out shopping and on the hunt for a particular item, red dress, you can sometimes miss the perfect black or blue dress? 

That is the result of our RAS. 


So let’s look at this in a FOTF scenario, with a stage line up of 10 gorgeously dressed women, all expressing themselves individually; flooding the panel of judges with the panorama collecting a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, patterns, trend pieces, gorgeous millinery, flawless makeup, sassy yet confident attitude, gleaming smiles and varying interpretations of the particular theme. Now, envision when you were last in a club or highly impacting lighting scenario such as a concert or similar and think back to what your eyes would do.....

Struggling to take on so much varying information? 
Darting from colour to colour?
Yet you would subconsciously grab onto something that was familiar or you have seen regularly. Perhaps a favourite colour, a colour you are already wearing or something you have seen frequently in your day to day actions. 
Now we understand why the face of most judges is a state of sheer overwhelm? Right? 

My intention for this article was to shed some light, provide some clarification and possibly rhyme to the reason of some of the experiences you may have had. Honestly, I have also experienced these feelings of disappointment and questionability of my own personal style in the past. 

So how do we overcome this? Well we truly acknowledge all the points above and also proceed in the following manner. 

Dress for you to express you and your personal style. There is nothing as transparent as someone who is loving their outfit. By finding your true personal style that is going to allow you to have a roadmap to come back to daily though also build your fashions on the field outfits from a strong foundation, rather than trying to incorporate every single trend you are seeing from runway to Instagram. 

Acknowledge that your outfit may not always be received the way you intended it to. Though that does not make you any less stylish on less on trend. Remember RAS.  

Lastly, support others and their fashion choices! Yes, your fashion gang is a real thing! Remember as a competitor you also have an RAS so you also may not agree with the sash winner or what other people have put together though you also need to honour that all in the name of fashion! 


Stay tuned for the spring trend report that will be up next week on The Opulent Lifestyle Collective featuring some of our stunning pieces! 

Until next time! 

Yours in fashion 

Kerrie Carucci xx