The Dress Behind The Sash

Kerrie Carucci wearing her winning custom Milva Carucci Designs dress  image: Taylor Kezia

Kerrie Carucci wearing her winning custom Milva Carucci Designs dress
image: Taylor Kezia

Where it all begins…. 


Like most of my amazing one off, custom dresses that I'm so fortunate to make for both my daughter and my other valued clients, it always starts with a simple idea.
What appears insignificant at the time, it could be in the form of something in nature, a signature style from decades before, a particular colour palette, a piece of fabric, a theme or perhaps an element of inspiration straight off the European runway.

For me personally, as a creative, designer and dressmaker, the most rewarding part of my job is having the ability to converse with my client's far and wide and taking on their individual requirements, ideas and bringing them to life with a beautiful customised outfit concept.  The perfect combination of design, fabric and fit, allows the execution and end result of every woman having something unique just for them. 

Kerrie came to me with a design, concept and elements of inspiration of how she envisioned her final look to be for Brisbane Racing Club Tab Stradbroke Day. With a theme of black, white and a touch of red - this in it's own element can be interpreted in so many varying combinations, though as a stylist and a stickler for having 'an attention to detail' - Kerrie had a concise idea of where she wanted her outfit to be - Feminine, elegant, classic though being a simplistic statement.

 Inspired by elements of 1980's, Prada's latest collection and some incredible trends showing up in the royal family, this dress really started with the unique houndstooth print fabric. Where most houndstooth patterned fabrics are usually found in heavier and structured composition, though this soft georgette (soft flowing) was perfect for the feminine and elegant outcome that we wanted to achieve. From the flowing sleeves, pleated skirt details and feminine lines the fabric was the hero for this dress.  

 When creating a concept and design, distance can sometimes be testing as like 80% of my clients, they are in varied locations across Australia and New Zealand. Bringing the importance of having the correct individual measurements in the first instance so I can ensure the design and fit can be tailored just to them. The beautiful benefit of working with my regular clients is forming an appreciation of their personal style, body shape and elements that can explored in different outfit styles.

Kerrie not only did me as her mum though also her dressmaker so incredibly proud on executing a beautifully styled and balanced look. Complimenting her dress with a gorgeous and on trend 3d head band by Martina McGrath and some staple accessories, it was certainly a beautiful and sash worthy look!

 Working with my client's to create a beautiful one- off, customised outfit is a conscious effort to really embrace the hand to heart movement and showcase the emphasis on sustainability in the fashion industry. I like to work with my client's to create unique and loving pieces that in affect brings the craftmanship and individuality that we are experiencing as the movement in consumer behaviours is progressing. 

If you’re interested in making a conscious decision to have your next special occasion piece to truly bring an individual and unique moment for you, I would love to chat further about your outfit requirements.

The Winners  Image - Brisbane Racing Club

The Winners

Image - Brisbane Racing Club